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A mild, semi-soft, part skim cheese made from cow’s milk. Jarlsberg® has a buttery, rich texture with a mild, nutty flavor characterized by large round holes. It is an all-purpose cheese, good for both cooking and for eating as a snack. Choose from Jarlsberg® regular or Jarlsberg® Lite. Jarlsberg® is the #1 selling specialty cheese in the USA.

García Baquero
The García Baquero® family is proud to be the premier producer of authentic artisanal Spanish cheeses and is the market leader in the home country of Spain. García Baquero, an award winning master cheese-maker adheres to centuries-old recipes and the finest craftsmanship to produce DOP quality Spanish.

Caves of Faribault
Founded in 2001, Caves of Faribault is a manufacturer of award-winning artisanal cheeses, aged exclusively in its sandstone caves located in Faribault, Minnesota. These caves were first used to hand-craft America’s first cave-aged blue cheese in 1936. The company is best known for its Amablu® brand, which has been the recipient of many national and international awards since its creation in 2002. In 2010, Caves of Faribault became a subsidiary of Swiss Valley Farms, a Davenport, Iowa cooperative nationally recognized for producing quality cheeses and other dairy products since 1958.

Ski-Queen Gjetost
Norway’s traditional brown, fudge like cheese is made from a blend of cows’ and goats’ milk. Its unique sweet taste is caused by the natural caramelization of the milk sugar or lactose during production.

Snøfrisk is a white, unripened cream cheese which is easy to spread. The cows cream is used to give the cheese its creamy consistency and mild taste. Its white pure look and mild tangy taste come from the goats milk. The texture of Snøfrisk is smooth and spreadable. The countryside in the homeland of Snøfrisk can evoke all kinds of vivid associations. Snøfrisk has a lot of character; we dare to say more so than other comparable fresh cream cheeses. It is at the same time mild, pleasant, and very easy to use. Snøfrisk cheese is milder than a chèvre, and could be said to belong more to the fromage fraîche family. Snøfrisk cream cheese has a tart, fresh countryside taste, and contains no artificial colourants or preservatives. Made from 80% goats’ milk with added cows’ cream, Snofrisk produces a mild taste and soft, easy to spread texture.

Old Amsterdam
Old Amsterdam is a characteristic Premium Aged Gouda with a smooth, rich, irresistible taste that is the result of a unique, family-owned recipe and ripening process. At Old Amsterdam master cheese makers carefully oversee every procedure, constantly monitoring taste and quality. The high standards for taste, texture, and quality determine the ripening period and ultimate release of each batch of Old Amsterdam cheese. Enjoy the pure taste of this Premium Aged Gouda by serving it on a cheese platter paired with seasonal fruits, crackers and slices of rustic bread. It’s also perfect for cooking with its great melting properties. Grated or sliced, Old Amsterdam will enhance a variety of recipes and sandwiches. Old Amsterdam. Full of character.

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