Vendor Spotlight: Kerrygold


The Kerrygold Difference
– Cows are entirely grass-fed
– Beta-carotene, gives Kerrygold dairy products distinctive golden color and flavor definition
– Ireland is one of the few countries left where dairy herds roam free
– Ireland has the longest grass growing season in the world, which means dairy herds enjoy fresh pastures
– Kerrygold dairy products are growth hormone-free



Kerrygold pure Irish butter is remarkably golden, with a seductively creamy flavor and a long, lingering finish. It’s like eating cream – reminiscent ofthe unctuous quality of butterfat skimmed off the top of fresh milk. Made in the style of all premium European butters, Kerrygold’s fat content gives its butter a distinctive richness. The foil wrapper preserves freshness and premium quality. Three types of butter are available.


2908_ 101Kerrygold makes a variety of cheeses, including cheeses that are exclusive to the cooperative, such as Dubliner and Blarney Castle. All the cheeses are suitable for a cheese board. Do as they do in Ireland by serving cheeses with chutney, a scattering of toasted nuts, and some fresh or dried fruit.


Watch the Kerrygold TV commercial: Kerrygold, “Delicious, because nature said so.”

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