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Regatta is a brand of premium mixers and sodas, all finely crafted in small batches. The company uses the highest quality ingredients and creates distinctive flavors that appeal to the most discerning customers. Their flagship product, Regatta Ginger Beer, has become widely recognized as the industry standard and truly is A Decidedly Different Mixer™.

Regatta Ginger Beer is a unique and zesty ‘ginger kick’ to any mixed drink, where ginger ale, club soda, or tonic might be used. Strong top notes of ginger with secondary notes of citrus, apple, and banana. The stone ginger beer has a ginger ‘bite’ without the ‘ginger burn’ of more peppery Jamaican ginger beers.

  • Same great tasting beverage in a true single serve perfect pour® bottle providing better portion control and no waste.
  • Flavor profile: top notes of ginger and secondary tropical fruit notes of citrus and banana.
  • Naturally Sweetened with pure cane sugar for a clean refreshing taste.
  • Adds a zesty kick to any mixed drink.
  • A change from tonic in vodka and gin based cocktails.
  • Adds unique ginger notes to whiskey based cocktails.
  • The stone ginger beer that has a ‘bite but not the burn’ of peppery Jamaican style ginger beers.

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