Vendor Spotlight: Emmi Roth USA


From the finest cheeses Switzerland has to offer to American originals made in the dairy heartland of Wisconsin, Emmi Roth USA is proud to offer a wide selection of award-winning specialty cheeses. The Emmi of Switzerland range includes Kaltbach Cave-aged Le Gruyère® Switzerland AOP, as well as many other unique cheeses!


Emmi-Cheese-AppenzellerEmmi Group is the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. From the beginning, Emmi has been a passionate supporter of farmers, cheesemakers, and family tradition. They believe in sustainable agriculture and respect for the people, land and animals that make their business possible. Remaining dedicated to tradition; they strive to lead the industry in innovation ensuring they bring only the highest quality, best-tasting cheese from Switzerland.
Emmi USA focuses on artisan cave-aged cheese and rich, warm fondues as well as traditional and exclusive cheeses from Switzerland. The core of Emmi’s tradition centers on the highest quality standards leading to a truly superior taste experience.



The creamery and curing cellars in Wisconsin are home to the Roth of Wisconsin range. Crafted by expert cheesemakers and carefully aged by cellar masters, Roth cheeses, including Grand Cru® and GranQueso®, capture the distinct terroir of the region and are consistently honored at national and international competitions. Roth’s chalet is nestled in Monroe, among the rolling hills of Green County Wisconsin. Monroe is a town focused—no, obsessed—with everything cheese. From a Cheese Days Festival, to cheese parades and crowning of the cheese queen, we knew from the start this was a region that would expect nothing less than excellent. Today, Roth combines their old-world cheesemaking methods with state-of-the-art technology. Their cellar masters meticulously tend to the cheese throughout the aging process so each batch that leaves our care meets your highest expectations. From European-style classics to American Originals, excellence is all that leaves their doorstep.