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Niman Ranch began in the early 1970’s on an eleven-acre ranch in a small coastal town just north of San Francisco. The cattle were raised using traditional, humane husbandry methods and given wholesome all-natural feeds. Today, the Niman Ranch network has grown to include over 720 independent farmers and ranchers across America.

Niman Ranch raises livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably to bring you the finest tasting meat in the world.

• They work with one of the largest networks of small, independent U.S. family farmers and ranchers – over 720 and growing.
• All their animals are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens. They lead the industry in sustainable and humane agricultural practices.
• Their raising protocols were developed with the help of animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin, and are the strictest in the industry.
• They offer a complete line of Certified Humane® fresh meats and a variety of smoked and uncured meats.

In order to consistently provide you with delicious, award-winning pork, Niman Ranch takes meticulous care in raising their hogs. They select hogs from a cross of heritage breeds including Duroc, Chester White and Berkshire. This combination provides ideal characteristics to raise our hogs the traditional way, such as:

• Exceptional mothering for their young, which provides a nurturing environment.
• A natural hardiness for outdoor pasture-raising – their natural habitat.
• Extraordinary marbling, which contributes to juicy, tender pork.

Niman Ranch hogs are raised on small, family farms in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states of the U.S. and are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. They NEVER use gestation crates or farrowing crates – EVER. They also never give them hormones or antibiotics – EVER, keeping both the hogs and your family happy.

Niman Ranch believes the environment in which their hogs are raised is incredibly important. Their animals are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens where they are able to express their natural instinctive behaviors, like rooting and roaming.

They are proud of our pork program – superior genetics, high quality diet and strict raising protocols result in the unbelievably tender, juicy pork that chefs and home cooks love.

In addition to Niman Ranch’s line of fresh meats, they proudly offer a full line of smoked, uncured and specialty products made from their humanely raised pork. Their products include bacon, sausage, ham, franks and prepared entrees, such as pre-cooked St. Louis Ribs. They offer something for every occasion!

To match how their animals are raised, they use old world charcuterie techniques to create these products. They never use artificial ingredients and all of the franks, sausages, bacon and hams are gluten-free.

Try for yourself and experience why RAISED WITH CARE tastes so good.

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