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Born to farmer parents in 1900 in the south of the Meuse département, Henri Hutin founded a craft soft ripened cheese plant in Lacroix-sur-Meuse in 1922. His recipes, know-how and rigour quickly earned him a reputation for excellence in the region, and far beyond, and the title of “Master Cheese Maker”. Patiently and tenaciously, Henri Hutin developed, enlarged and modernised his cheese plant. His simple philosophy reflects his love for a job well done. It was in 1964 that the company started to increase its turnover significantly, by developing its exports to the countries of the European Community and all round the world. These efforts were rewarded with an ‘Export Oscar’ in 1969. In December 1978 Hochland, the German cheese-making group, took over the company. At the end of 1982 the production facilities were transferred to the Dieue-sur-Meuse site in Lorraine, where there are 40,000 sq.m of buildings and a production capacity of 33,000 t/year. Since then the Fromagerie Henri Hutin has never stopped growing and has made significant investments. Today the Fromagerie Henri Hutin enjoys an excellent reputation on the export market and is acknowledged as a company with modern, high-performance industrial facilities, allowing it to meet the requirements and expectations of its customers.

The Cheese

Belletoile® Triple Crème Brie 70%
Belletoile® is a triple crème, soft ripenend cheese made in the Lorraine region of France. This legendary triple cream is a registered trademark by Fromagerie Henri Hutin, and the name Belletoile® literally meaning ‘beautiful star’, deserves indeed this eloquent name. Belletoile® was the very first triple crème ever to be exported to the U.S. It was eagerly sought after for its richness and buttery texture, and especially for its fresh and delightful flavor. Belletoile® offers a surprisingly good shelf life for a perishable triple crème, and the white snowy rind will last and protect a buttery paste, sure to capture and please any palate. Belletoile® triple crème is perfect on any cheese platter, accompanied by nuts and fruit, such as grapes and as a sophisticated dessert cheese.

Couronne French Brie 60%
Brie Courrone 60% is the only truly lactic French Brie on the market, which means a heterogeneous texture and a core. This Brie is slowly ripening from the outside to the center, just as a raw milk brie would. Thus creating a traditional Brie as compared to a stabilized one. Made from grade A, ultrafiltrated milk, Brie Courrone has the same consistent quality throughout the year. Brie Courrone, as well as all other Henri Hutin cheeses, are made from hormone free milk and do not contain any gluten.