Vendor Spotlight – Jana Foods: A Dutch Masterpiece

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The Rembrandt is naturally matured for 52 weeks. Traditionally ripened for one year, this award-winning Dutch cheese has a firm texture and a rich, tangy flavor. It offers and exceptional taste and is the perfect cheeseboard centerpiece.

Rembrandt is made from an exclusive Dutch Gouda recipe, a traditional approach that was specially created for producing and maturing the cheese in a classic, natural way.

Pairing Rembrandt Gouda

Accoutrement Paring: For full flavored cheese like the Rembrandt, chutney is ideal. The combination of rich tasting flavours are complimented by the sourness of the chutney.  Suggestions: tomato chutney, fruit relishes like fig or plum, Italian moustarda or chili jam.

Beer Pairing: Rembrandt has a big flavor so you need a beer with similar impact and depth. Try a beer with a caramel sweetness that highlights the richness in the cheese. The caramel flavour comes from the malt. The key is the full depth of sweetness to compliment the big flavor in the cheese.

Wine Pairing: Cabernet wines are a great match for this, as they offers the strength to cut through the cheese but not over power it and ruin both the flavor of the cheese and the wine. The sweetness of the wine compliments the big flavor of the cheese.

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