Vendor Spotlight – Kerrygold

Irish Dairy Board – From Small Town To Big Time

The Irish Dairy Board was established in 1961 to band together a handful of small dairy farms throughout Ireland and harness their collective expertise. That fateful year resulted in the creation of the Kerrygold brand, a premium line of all-natural, grass-fed cheeses and butters crafted all across Ireland but sold under one brand name.

Now, more than 50 years later, sales of Kerrygold Irish dairy products are nearly $2 billion with our hormone-free cheeses and butters available in over 80 countries. We still adhere to the same small farm approach and still rely on independent dairy farmers to supply the finest all-natural milk in the world. It’s why each one of our products really are a little slice of Ireland itself.

Irish Butter History – Butter: The Golden Export

Butter is arguably the first major, identifiable export from Ireland. Branded Irish butter was available in tins in the West Indies more than a century ago. As far back as 1769 when the Cork Butter Exchange was formed, daily price quotations were monitored as closely as any blue chip stock. The importance of butter to the economy of Munster, Cork and Ireland itself throughout the last two hundred plus years is undeniable.

The industry has come a long way since its early days of preserving firkins of butter in marshy bogs and burying barrels to hide them from intrepid invaders. The Cork Butter Exchange operated more than 150 years before shuttering its doors. But during that time it became the largest butter market in the world and help build Cork City into a shipping and trading force that continues to this day.

Kerrygold: The Secret Ingredient…

When you start with the highest quality ingredients you can find, you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to make food come alive. And while Kerrygold Irish dairy products are delicious to enjoy on their own, they can be the singular ingredient that makes the difference between a good dish and a transcendent one.

Our grass-fed cow’s milk cheeses and butters are 100% all natural so they melt better, puff up higher, taste richer and add a layer of complexity to every recipe.  Whether you’re looking for a unique touch to a contemporary pasta or a simple way to enrich an old standby, all-natural Kerrygold Irish Cheese and Butter can help make you a hero in the kitchen.


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