Vendor Spotlight: Bunker Hill Cheese Company

New LogoBunker Hill Cheese Company – Quality Tradition since 1935

Located in the heart of Holmes County, Ohio, is a family owned producer of All Natural, Artisan Cheese known as Bunker Hill Cheese Company.

In business since 1935, Bunker Hill Cheese Company relies on old-fashioned values and traditional cheese making methods to produce a complete variety of cheese containing no artificial additives, colors, or preservatives.

Made with 100% Amish Farm Milk
Bunker Hill Cheese Company is provided a continuous supply of 100% Amish Farm Milk from the local farming community. The Amish Farm Milk contains no added hormones and is the only milk used in the production of our all natural cheeses.

Since the days of traditional milk cans arriving on the back of an Amish buggy to the present day, their relationship with area farmers goes back decades, a fact that they are extremely proud of.

No Added Hormones
Each of the over 250 Amish Farms that provide milk to Bunker Hill Cheese Company for the production of their cheese have been certified that they use no added hormones on their farms.

Bunker Hill Cheese Company is committed everyday to providing our customers with the quality, consistency, and natural goodness that they have come to expect from their cheese.

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Ezra’s Dairy – A Part of the Bunker Hill Familylogo-trans

Ezra’s Family has been producing Feta cheese in the Mediterranean region for more than 100 years. The recipes have been passed from generation to generation. This is the first time they introduce an authentic Mediterranean Feta cheese produced in the USA to the US consumers.

Ezra’s Feta is creamy and smooth with a very authentic flavor. Unlike the traditional style feta which is very crumbly and in many cases sold as crumbled Feta, Ezra’s Feta can be used in salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, baking, cooking and many other options.

Ezra’s Feta is sold in a “Stay Fresh Cup” with brine to maintain freshness and flavors. The cheese is kept in a small basket in the brine that can be lifted and hung on top of the cup, out of the brine for convernient use. When finished enjoying the Feta you can lower it back into the brine to maintain freshness at all times.

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