Euro USA is dedicated to sourcing, processing and delivering the highest quality of responsibly raised and competitively priced meat products in the industry. Our beef offerings include but are not limited to USDA prime, upper tier choice, dry aged, all natural, grass-fed and wagyu. All of our veal, lamb, pork and poultry products are USDA inspected, humanely raised and 100% all natural. We source traditional and heritage breeds of livestock that are pasture raised and supplemented with natural grains and local forages. We support family owned American farms that employ sustainable, humane practices promoting the long term well being of the land, animals and the farming community. We strive to be part of the process to reconnect the consumer to the source of their food products and to be knowledgeable about humane and sustainable practices. With the variety of cuts, grades and breeds available you are sure to find just what you are looking for in our vast selection. Take a look through our catalog below for more information! Please contact your sales representative for pricing and availability.


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